JB iPad!!

Posted in Apple on May 18, 2010 by d.clin.design

Good tutorial on JB iPad!!  Just got my 3G 64gb.  1st thing I did, Spirit the crap out of it and Appsync!!



Apple Tablet Announcement?

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Live Blog…


Leaked front and back?



3.1.2 unlocked!! BlackSn0w Nov 4th

Posted in iPhone on October 31, 2009 by d.clin.design

Take a quick look at this youtube video. Looks like Geohot did it again!!! The race is on between dev-team and geohot!!

Pwnage 3.1.4 release to pwn 3.1.2

Posted in iPhone on October 13, 2009 by d.clin.design

Dev-team just released Pwnage 3.1.4. It can jailbreak 3.1.2.

The easy instruction. Just create a custom ipsw with Pwnage 3.1.4 and restore from itune with the custom ipsw by pressing option-restore.

For more detail, read dev-team’s page.

Download torrent link

Things to add back again

Posted in iPhone on October 2, 2009 by d.clin.design

Cydia really need to create a backup just like iTunes or iTunes should back up Cydia apps. Just making a list of things I need to add back.

Active Weather Wallpaper
Five Icon Dock
Lea SBSettings
Talking Alerts
Time of Day

Pwnage 3.1.3 released for 3Gs

Posted in iPhone on October 2, 2009 by d.clin.design

Pwnage 3.1.3 have been released for 3Gs.  If you want to keep your 3Gs unlock, make sure you use the pwnage 3.1.3 tool to create a custom ipsw 3.1 and restore with the custom ipsw.  This will keep your baseband so you can still run ultrasn0w.

link for more info

link for Pwnage download with a torrent client.

while waiting for jb 3.1 do this!!

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For those still waiting patiently for 3.1 jailbreak, make sure you read this article.  Make sure you do the part that label “Bypassing the overlord”.  After that log into Cydia and let Sariuk take a snapshot of your ECID



Copy and paste from site


Bypassing the Overlord

To this end, I have constructed a server that duplicates the functionality exposed by Apple’s signature server, except using “on file” results rather than live requests.

All we need, then, is to make iTunes use it. Luckily, most operating systems also have the ability to locally define bypasses on specific hostnames through a file calledhosts. Using this, we can redirect requests to Apple’s signature server to Cydia.

So, open the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows) or/etc/hosts (Mac OS X) and add the following entry to the bottom of the file. gs.apple.com

Now, when iTunes thinks it is talking to Apple, it is talking to Cydia instead. Doing this will allow iTunes to access signatures already stored by Cydia’s “on file” feature.

This server will also act as a cache for any SHSH blobs it hasn’t seen, acting as an intermediary to Apple’s server. This effectively registers your device with the “on file” mechanism, which means you can now enjoy the protections of being able to downgrade your firmware in the future even if you aren’t jailbroken.

This point should be stressed: even if you don’t jailbreak, and even if you never intend to jailbreak, you should consider using the new “on file” service.

Let’s say that Apple releases an OS upgrade in the future, you take it, and they break something important. Maybe they break your e-mail account, or your todo list. Your business is now crippled.

If only you could downgrade, right? Alas, Apple won’t let you anymore. That’s where the new signature cache server comes in: by doing your restores through this server you secure your ability to not accept upgrades from Apple if the need is dire.